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In this free book, I show you exactly how to acquire, automate and manage mobile home parks remotely – and show you how I created my own future.

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Park Place Education Principles

Park Place Education is the premier resource for mobile home park investing information and education. With a key focus on systems, automation and remote working, our students enjoy both time and financial freedom after following our proven investing and management strategies. Our mission is helping you, the beginner investor, fast track your way to a life with intention, purpose and autonomy.

Best Assets

Park Place Education focuses solely on the single-best (and often underrated) asset class for creating generational income: Mobile Home Parks.

Rapid Growth

Learn how to leapfrog your competition by acquiring up to 10 mobile home parks in only one short year (yes… it’s possible).

Time Freedom

Learn our proven systems for building a remote team, automating your workflow and scaling… fast.

Generational Income

Once you’re up and running with your first few parks, our wealth principles ensure your future generations can benefit from your hard work.


with Tony Ferris

Fast Track Road Map Investing in Mobile Home Parks

Here is what you’re going to get:

In Start, you will be receiving a 10 item step-by-step 'Play Book' for getting started. Tony is also going to give you five free hours with his team (get to that in a bit).

Park Place Action Item Hand book (Physical Copy)
Secret Guide to Market Cheat Sheets (Physical Copy)
Population Reference Guide (Physical Copy)
Signed copy of Park Place (Physical Copy)
(A FULLY LOADED USB) Included will be close to 100 of Tony's top forms!
And A lot more

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Tony's Top 100 Lessons Learned

Here is what you’re going to get:

Literally Over 100 Downloadable forms. This alone is worth $1,000's of dollars. Over 100 Physical Videos on Tonys Top 100 Lessons Learned. Lessons Learned on: Deal Structuring (What to do and what NOT to do). Lessons on being over Leveraged or under leveraged. Lessons on, how to 'Really' connect with sellers. Learn and Capitalize on their pain points. Your also be going to getting Tonys forms that he uses when connecting with owners. Templates on what to say when following up with sellers. Forms that you can give the seller to convey the benefits of why it makes sense to carry the note. One of the Fastest Ways to Achieving Success is to learn from others.

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MHP Mastery


If your serious about Investing in Mobile Home Parks, this 7 week course is a Game Changer! Your going to uncover exactly how Tony and his team acquired nearly a park a month for a year.

Literally… every single document that Tony posses in his arsenal. His virtual teams have nearly ten thousand hours into researching, testing and refining strategic contacts. (Can you put a price on that)?

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The Most Effective Way to Perform Due Diligence is to have a Proven Step By Step System

Tony has created a 150+ Item Checklist (With walk thru videos for every item).

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Tony Ferris is a successful real estate investor and is among the 100 largest owners/operators of Mobile Home Parks in the country, achieving that distinction in less than two years. Learn more about Tony here.

Park Place

How To Cash In On The Mobile Home Park Niche

Park Place is a step-by-step guide on how to find, acquire, automate and manage real estate in one of the most lucrative (and underrated) niches available: mobile home parks.

99% of Americans dream of reaching top income levels, but only 1% of Americans do. Park Place provides the insight and framework for taking advantage of history’s most lucrative asset: real estate. If you apply the takeaways from this book, you too stand a chance at reaching income levels of the 1% and enjoy an early retirement.

You will learn the unconventional strategies for acquiring and managing real estate… remotely. Achieving both financial and time freedom requires outside-the-box-thinking, and our techniques for building teams, outsourcing your business, and rapidly building your portfolio are far from ordinary.

This book is for you if you believe you don’t have enough money to invest in real estate (the BIGGEST myth in investing), you want a side-hustle that actually generates income or you’re seeking life on your terms made possible through the power of real estate.

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